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Project Description
A simple web part (placed in a farm solution) that helps SharePoint developers to test every HTTP call to the new REST interface of SharePoint 2013.
With this web part you can test:

  1. any REST endpoints exposed by SharePoint 2013 in the current site;
  2. both GET and POST HTTP requests;
  3. MERGE, PUT, PATCH and DELETE x-HTTP methods in order to insert, update or delete data in SharePoint

In addiction, you can view the result of every call, in JSON format.
Here a screenshot of the web part in a simple web part page.

If you want to use this web part in order to test your REST calls, you have to install the .WSP using Powershell and you have to enable the related feature at site collection scope.

It should be great if anyone of you guys, want to contribute to the project. 
You can contact me ora hread about the news of this project, using twitter: @PeppeDotNet or through my site: 


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